Mighty Massager Deep Tissue Massage Tool


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Relaxing, rechargeable, and portable.

This massager tool looks smallbut it is robust and has an easy grip.Its powerfulyet quiet motor handles an intense deep tissue massage with ease. Work out with this vibrating massager tool to wake up your body and rejuvenate your muscles.In case of any post-injury pain and discomfort, the vibrations from the massager provide great relief to the achy part and regeneratethe cells to repair themselves so the body recovers quicker.It comes with interchangeableheads and the charging cord in a case which makes it travel-friendly.

Mighty Message is perfect for every sports enthusiast and medical professional, for personal as well as professional use.


    • Set the intensity from gentle to intense.
    • Recover faster to release muscle tension andrelax theaching body.
    • The powerful motor makes very little noise and its almost quiet.
    • It weighs only 1.6 lbs and it is 7.9 inches Tall,Weight: 1.6 Lb
    • It comes with a rechargeable LG battery that lasts up to 6 hours.

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Weight 1.03 kg



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